Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Los Reyes (2019) opens in theaters today

Observational documentary about a skate park in Chile where two dogs wander about and skaters skate.

Focusing more on the dogs than the skaters, we see the skaters as they skate and hang out around the dogs, this is a quiet look at the life of man’s best friend. If you love dogs then you might want to consider seeing this because the two dogs will worm their way into your heart—and then break it since it becomes clear that one of them isn’t long for the world. (bring tissues)

I liked the film, but to be honest if I hadn’t said I’d cover the film I would have walked away. There simply isn’t enough here to really support the films 70 minutes. While the film did break my heart I was kind of left wondering what I got out of it beyond that.

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