Friday, August 9, 2019

Chain Film Festival Capsule reviews TIGHT SPOT, LIMBS, and CLEAN ICE

These three films are playing together in the Shorts Block playing Sunday at 415pm at the Chain Film Festival, so I've grouped them together.

While his customer is on the phone a shoe shine guy discovers his customers secret.
I can't say more because this is a quick tale that's all about where it goes. Definitely worth a look.

A puppeteer who has spent years playing an arm finds out she is not going to be going along when the show moves. Good little drama makes me wonder what happens next.

Handy man at a run down ice rink ponders what his future is.
Excellent little drama is nicely impossible to describe. I could tell you what happens but then you'd miss the ride. I'm not being coy in saying that, rather I'm expressing the fact that the whole film hinges on the closing moments and I can't discuss it without giving it away and I really can't do that.
Worth a look

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