Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moon Over Parador (1988)

I’m flipping I’m flipping

Yes you have seen a variation on this film before. The plot has actor Richard Dreyfuss playing an actor shooting a film in the fictional banana republic of Parador. As luck would have it he is the spitting image of the dictator of the country. When said dictator dies, Dreyfuss is pressed into service as a stand in. At first it’s kind of scary fun but after awhile his conscious begins to get to him and he plots his escape.

Definitely not the great film, it is however a damn funny one.

The joy of the film is watching Dreyfuss be very silly (which is something he hasn’t done enough of lately), be randy with Sonia Braga and cause Raul Julia to go into fits. The joy that Dreyfuss is experiencing making the film carries over to those watching the film. How can you not laugh when the actors seem to be having such a good time?

It’s the sort of film that I’ll stop to watch when I run across it on its now less frequent trips to cable.

Its also the sort of film that I’ve co-oped lines from such as the top remark which references the deceased leaders way of saluting.

Not something you need buy, but definitely worth seeing as a rental, on cable or on one of the various streaming services.

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