Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two things starting tomorrow at Lincoln Center: Orientation: A New Arab Cinema and Neighboring Sounds

The Film Society of Lincoln Center is going to run their series of of current Arab cinema. It runs from tomorrow until the 29th.

Last year at Tribeca I saw Cairo Exit. I didn't do a full review however I did say this about it:

Earnest film about a young woman looking to get out from her life in Cairo and not repeat past mistakes. Her sister was pregnant and forced to get married. Her husband is gone and now she has a son she ignores. Her best friend needs to get married so she'll have support but needs to have an operation to look like she is a virgin. Her boyfriend wants to get out of his house and go to Europe where he is sure to make a fortune but isn't sure she should go with him. What happens is the film. I liked the film and admire that it even got made (The producer speaking at the talk after Grandma 1000 Times related the struggle to complete it)but at the same time I didn't love it, partly because the script is uneven, mostly because the performances are uneven. There were scenes where everyone seemed to be in a different version of the same film. Worth a look on cable.

Details on the full series can be found here.

Also Starting tomorrow for a regular theatrical run is Neighboring Sounds which played at New Directors New Films. My thoughts on that film can be found here.

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