Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unbowed is the next Korean Cultural Service film

Just a quick reminder—Tuesday is Unbowed screening for free at the Tribeca Cinema Tuesday night. No review tonight since a couple of us here at Unseen are planning on going to the screening ourselves.

Here's what the Korean Cultural Service website has to say:

When it opened in late 2011, Unbowed’s uninhabited take on a highly-publicized true story caused such a stir that Korea’s Ministry of Justice and Supreme Court even chimed in, noting its wild inaccuracies. It turns out that sensationalizing the story of university professor who accosts a judge with a crossbow doesn’t go over well with governmental bodies…but thankfully, film fans love it, as this courtroom thriller – buffeted by the media uproar – became one of last year’s biggest Korean hits. AHN Sung-Ke, one of his country’s most respected international actors, delivers a bravado performance as the bow-slinging everyman while R-Point’s Park Won-Sang delivers a one-in-a-lifetime role as the struggling lawyer pushed to save him

As always doors at 630, movie at 7.

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