Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catacombs or the Woman Who Wouldn't Die (1965)

Rich woman who uses meditation to deal with pain is visited by her niece who returns from Paris. The woman can be a handful and one of her employees suggests to her husband that he kill her freeing them both. When an affair starts between the husband and the niece murder becomes a real possibility. However some people won't stay dead.

Good mystery with supernatural overtones that is rightly compared to Alfred Hitchcock Presents- though saddly it's about a half an hour too long. Its a well worn tale that sells things well enough that even if you suspect whats going on you're more than happy to go for the ride. The problem here is the way the story spins out. Yes the core story is good, but the pace of it is simply too slack. There isn't much you could cut, however they could pick up the pace since interest flags for a bit in the middle.

Worth looking for if you run across it but I wouldn't go crazy searching it out.

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