Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Black Limelight (1938)

Very talky murder mystery is a film which shows its stage bound origins in endless talk.

The plot of the film has the police searching for a husband who had rented a cottage while on a business trip. The man (played by Raymond Massey) is missing and there is the body of a dead woman inside. The police begin to hound the man's wife, who feels he's innocent. When the husband shows up she hides him and tries to find the killer...of course there tons of talky soul searching.

A kind of bland film that is done in by the talk and inaction. Its compelling if you want to know who did it- but otherwise it's not all that great. Part of the problem is a horrible performance by Raymond Massey (who is more in support than lead) and part of the problem is the script seems to want to keep all of the dialog from the play. Once the play drives to the conclusion in the final 15 minutes it picks up but itstough slog to get there.

Kind of worth a look if you run across it....

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