Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oyster Factory (2015) Art of the Real (2016)

Portrait of a the state of oyster farming in Japan and by association the state of the nation. The film is a look at the toughness of the life of an oyster fisherman as well as how the industry has had to change since the low paying jobs are not anything that the Japanese themselves will take so the positions are filled by Chinese and people from elsewhere in Asia.

This is a very good cinema verite film where the camera  sits and watches and observes. At times the subjects talk to the filmmakers at other times not. It makes for enlightening viewing.

If the film has any problem is that the filmmakers insistence at letting events transpire in more or les real time makes the film go on a bit longer than it probably needs to. Far be it for me to make the call but I do think that the 145 minute running time is too much and my interest began to fail in the second half of the film.

On the other hand if you like immersive filmmaking this is a must see

Oyster Factory plays Sunday April 17th.

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