Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bornless Ones(2016)

Decent riff on the haunted cabin genre ala EVIL DEAD has two couple going to the new home of one of them , a cabin in the woods, where they make the mistake of removing some rnes by the windows and are taken over by evil spirits.

Getting a number of low budget horror films to review I am always a bit tense when I get something I've never heard of and which makes references to to classic horror films. Its rarely  good sign. Such was the case with BORNLESS ONES which made references to the aforementioned EVIL DEAD in it's promo material.

That said once I saw THE BORNLESS ONES I released that for the most part it's a pretty good little thriller. While I don't think it's perfect film, I dislike the demon voices and some of the wound make up is much too stiff to be believable the film is an enjoyable little time passer, something you can't say about  most low budget horror films.  To be certain it isn't as good as some of the classic films it seems to be riffing on, but at the same time, the cast is game, the script is pretty good and there is a sense that the filmmakers actually have some level of talent beyond the enthusiasm most low budget filmmakers have.

Definitely worth a look see for the horror fan, especially if one is looking for something to pass the time on an undemanding night.

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