Saturday, February 11, 2017

Delusion (2016)

Christopher Di Nunzio's DELUSION is one of those small films you'll probably never notice. A small scale supernatural tinged drama it has no big stars, nothing flashy to direct your gaze toward it, but it is is none the less a gem of a film that deserves your attention.

Three years on a man named Frank gets a letter from his dead wife telling him that even though she is gone she will always be around. Not sure of where the letter came from he still feels some closure and begins to move on. Meeting a woman he begins a relationship. However things begin to go weird when a visit to a fortune teller and an encounter with a strange man send him spinning.

A  film noir-esque little film DELUSION  is a solid little tale that is something you are going to want to check out. Nominally the story of a man trying to put his life together again , writer director Di Nunzio has cleverly colored the film with a nice helping of the supernatural. Its an intriguing choice in what is essentially a film noir or personal drama since it keeps us from thinking we know where the film is going.  While you may get part of it but odds are you aren't going to get it all - which is nice. Too often filmmakers of low budget films don't put enough effort into the script, they would rather show us flashy visuals , which are nice but don't mean a lot when you don't care about the characters. Di Nunzio cares about the characters enough to give them a enough life that you forget the budget and go along with the story- we want to know where this is going because we areinvested in the people on screen.

Credit too, the cast which includes David Graziano, Jami Tennille and Justin Thibault. The group of veteran thespians sell the story by making all of the characters seem real. That's no small achievement since more often than not similarly budgeted films are full of people who either can't act or don't take the film seriously. That Di Nunzio has brought together a cast that not only can act but cares is a rarity and should be applauded.

As I said above DELUSION is a small gem of a film that will will fill an evenings entertainment nicely for anyone who wants to go off Hollywood into the truly independent arena of filmmaking. It also marks Christopher Di Nunzio as a filmmaker to watch.


DELUSION has been released by Cinema Epoch and is now available to buy or rent in the US, Canada & UK at Amazon. Free with Prime.

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