Monday, February 13, 2017

Recommendations for this week at the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival

Apologies to the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival, I should have done a curtain raiser for the festival a week ago but things have gotten out of control in the Unseen Films screening rooms.

That said the festival which runs through this weekend has a few really good films coming up that I want to put on your radar (click on the titles to go to our reviews)

If you’ve never seen Kinji Fukasaku's GREEN SLIME this is your chance. A huge head scratcher acid trip from 1969. You may love the film or you may hate it- but either way you will be marked by it, (Plays 2/14)

The chance to see GIANT BEHEMOTH big is not to be missed. Willis Obrien’s film of a sea monster on the loose is a kin to Ray Harryhausen’s Beast from 20,000 Fathoms released a few years later. (Plays 2/14)

THE OPEN is a one of a kind post-apocalyptic film about tennis. That is not a mistake, that’s what it’s about and it’s a kick in the ass. A must see. (Plays 2/15)

Lorcan Finnegan’s WITHOUT NAME is a slow burn masterpiece about a lonely man and the weirdness in the forest. A must see. (An interview with the director is here) (Plays 2/17)

2307: WINTERS DREAM is an excellent post-apocalyptic story about a world shrouded in ice. This is just a quietly great action adventure.

And of course there are many other films as well so go buy tickets and go.

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