Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nightcap 2/5/17 Video, Ben Hur and random stuff

The Milwaukee Film Festival sent out a press release earlier this week saying that the dates for 2017. They also said that submission info would be following shortly.
I should point out that Lincoln Center’s Dance on Film is currently running down. The series runs until Tuesday.

Thursday they start their Tribute to Andrzej Wajda which is going to run all of the filmmakers films. For more details and tickets go here
I think after this week we’re going to be descending into full on festival madness to the end of the year. I know there is a week or two where we won’t but I think beginning the 16th with Fuilm Comment Presents overlapping Oxford we’re going to be constantly reporting from some festival ot not with New York Children’s running into French Cinema the New Directors New Films, Bosnia Herzegovina and then Tribeca and….on and on.

I’ve been told Unseen is the place to know about festivals and looking ahead the man who said it maybe right…
I saw the recent remake of BEN HUR and I liked it.

I know the film was trashed by pretty much everyone but as a rethink and on it's own terms it's an uneven but pretty good film that gets better once it gets going. Frankly set pieces- the sea battle and chariot race are magnificent.

Yes it's clunky in the first half hour, the film starts way too early in the story, but it works if you have an open mind. I also will argue that it's too short with sections feeling chopped and some plot lines left hanging on one end or the other.

No it is far from perfect but it's worth a look see
The videos are thanks to Randi as are the following links
Dueling Chinese business men maybe derailing the release of ROCK DOG
Being Batman

FALSE TEETH FROM BEYOND THE STARS SD from Dave Alex Riddett on Vimeo.


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