Friday, February 24, 2017

Voodoo (2017)

Voodoo is a bad movie. I mean a really bad movie.

A found footage piece of nonsense it is poorly acted, weakly written and dully shot, There is no reason for us to be seeing anything we are seeing other than the fact that one of the characters is literally filming everything. The found footage explains why the sound is bad and the film looks as amateurish as it does.

It has something about a woman going to LA to get away from her past only to run into the middle of it. I'm quoting the email that I received concerning the film because at a certain point early on I stopped caring and simply waited for something to happen- when it finally does- I completely lost all respect for the film as the woman is abused by a demon while a bunch of followers look on.(it's so sillily done that it's bound to be picked up and used for anti-Trump Memes) The sequence looks terrible as people wrapped in clothes with over done black and white stage make up and dime store plastic teeth look on as a demon rapes the girl. The whole thing looked as if it was shot on a half assed set that was lit all wrong. I simply stared at the film and then replayed the sequence to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing. Yes I was- yes this sequence is in a film that people are actually asking other people to pay to see.

According to the press material the trailer for the film is causing a stir on Facebook who has deemed it offensive and keeps removing it. In fairness I can see how an effecting trailer could be cut from this film- but as anyone knows you can make any film look good in two minutes- the other almost 90 minutes are just bad.

Voodoo is so bad I was going to not review it. Life is too short and some movies are just too damn bad - but then I realized some of you might actually try to go see it and I have to make some effort to stop you.

This film is just awful avoid it- even if you love bad movies skip it.

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