Friday, June 8, 2018

Brief thoughts on The Valley (2017)which opens today

When a man's daughter commit's suicide his quest to find out why sends him spiraling down.

Award winning drama is opening in theaters today is a good little drama but one that kept me largely distant for its entire length. I never really cared much for anyone on screen. I did want to know what happened and why, but I never really cared for anyone on screen. While I know that we are supposed to feel the distance that all the characters feel, at some point we really should be let in and care about the people on screen.

Simply put the film didn't work for me.

While I may not have been the audience for the film, the film may click with you if you like serious family dramas since the film has won top honors at several film festivals across the world.(The Valley has been awarded Best Feature Film and the Grand Jury Award, 2018 Portland Film Festival; Best Feature Film, Best Actress (Suchitra Pillai), Best Supporting Actress (Agneeta Thacker) and Best Original Score (Jacob Yoffee), 2017 Long Island International Film Festival; Best Feature Film and Best Director-Female (Saila Kariat), 2017 Out of the Can Film Festival; Best Original Screenplay (Saila Kariat), 2017 Madrid International Film Festival; Best Lead Actress (Suchitra Pillai), 2017 Milan International Filmmaker Festival; Best Film and Best Cinematographer (Paul Nordin), 2017 International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin; and Best Feature Film Jury Award, 2017 DC South Asian Film Festival.)

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