Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Festival Season kicks into overdrive

And now brief word on the next six weeks at Unseen Films.

Friday is the start of the 17th annual New York Asian Film Festival. Running over to July 15 the festival is running at both Lincoln Center and the SVA theaters down in Chelsea for maximum fun.

As in years past there will be no safety bar, air bag or tether so if you go you will be on your own. Any physical and psychological damage you incur is your own damn fault. Personally it’s a wonderful way to go.

Seriously the Unseen Family is looking to cover pretty much everything. Alec, Peter, JB and myself are going to be wading in and reporting from the trenches to let you know what is good, bad and crazy. Keep reading because we will be pumping out reviews.

We are currently all hold up in super-secret location going over many of the films so look for list of recommended titles Wednesday.

For more information and tickets go here.

After NYAFF ends Japan Cuts starts. Running from July 19-29 it is the first time in many years it is not overlapping NYAFF so there is no excuse for not going over to the Japan Society-other than the fact that even four weeks out several films have sold out

As with NYAFF we are going to wading into the madness and trying to cover as much as possible. As this posts I’ll have seen a good chunk of the films and I can say with certainty it is one of the best years I’ve encountered. There are a few great films playing that we’ll be discussing closer to time. Most amazingly there are no bad films. In every festival there is always a film or two that clunks, but if there is I haven’t encountered it yet.

We’ll have a recommended film piece and reviews closer to time. So keep reading.

For tickets and more information go here.

This year we are also going to cover the Asian American Film Festival which run July 25 to August 4. I’m still waiting for the release of the slate on Tuesday but based on past years this festival should be a great fest.

For more information go here.

Covering the second half of July ( it starts the 12th) and running into August (it ends the 1st) is the madness known as Fantasia. We will be once again covering it. Because we won’t have access until just as the festival starts I can’t tell you what we will be doing- only that we will have coverage- and a lot of it.

For more details on the festival and tickets go here.

And lastly the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema returns for a second year starting August 3rd and running to the 12th. The have already announced their films and it looks to be better than last year. I know they are screening two great films MURDER MADE EASY and NOTHING CHANGES: ART FOR HANK’S SAKE. Based on what I see and what they showed last year it should be killer.

The full schedule is up and tickets are on sale so go buy them (Information is here)
Now that you know how we are spending our summer- and where to find us. If you see me with my monster bag or any of the Unseen Films family come on over and say hey, we don’t bite

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