Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2018: VOICES OF THE SEA

Portrait of Mariela and her husband Pita who live is a small village on the coast of Cuba with their four children. They lead a hard scrabble existence fishing. She want to leave and travel to America however her husband is reluctant to do so. When neighbors leave for America tension develops between the pair.

Sweet little film is a good portrait of a couple looking for a better life. It is one of the very rare films that I've run across that really put us into present day Cuba.  It is a film that will make you truly understand what is like to live in the country that seems to floundering in existence.

On top of everything else the film is stunningly beautiful. This is an absolutely gorgeous film where every image is one you'll want to hang on the wall. While it looks good, it is perhaps a little too good since it makes Cuba a lace you want to go to not flee from.

VOICES OF THE SEA plays June 15 and 17. For tickets and more information go here.

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