Saturday, June 2, 2018

OKAASAN (MOM) (2018) Brooklyn Film Festival 2018

This is director Kana Hatakeyama's love letter to her mother. It is a wonderful little film.

A young woman goes home to spend New Year's with her mom after her grandmother had passed away. We watch as the two women spend time together  before the daughter leaves once more.

The film starring the director and her mom is just lovely. I love that we get to see all different sides to the women and that we watch as the depth of true love and affection between them is revealed. When the final line was spoken I found myself tearing up.

I can't recommend the film enough.

And let's put Kana Hatakeyama on our "people to watch out for list" because if she can make a short this stunning what is going to happen when she is turned loose on a feature?

For ticket and more information on the remaining Brooklyn Film Festival screening go here.

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