Saturday, June 9, 2018

The New York Woman June 29-July 19 at the Quad

The Quad explores the female experience in New York City with a 50+ film survey spanning nearly a century of cinema. Featuring working girls, shopgirls, party girls, and more navigating the opportunities, challenges, and perils of life in the Big Apple

Highlights range from favorites like Baby Face, Crossing Delancey, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Funny Girl to rediscoveries such as Old Enough, I Like It Like That, Survival in New York, Working Girls, Claudine, and more

Co-starring with leading ladies down through the years, the ever-versatile New York City has played itself onscreen as everything from a nurturing parent to a fickle mate to a bohemian relative. Gotham has long been both a hot spot of creative ferment and an imagination-capturing setting; the bustling masses, fizzy nightlife, mean streets, and self-mythologizing chutzpah were exported by Hollywood to occupy the global consciousness. The female protagonist's experience of the Big Apple, with its seemingly endless possibilities, has been brought to the screen as screwball comedy, musical, coming-of-age drama, horror movie, thriller, and much more besides. With our biggest (over 50 titles!) retrospective yet, we’re spanning nearly a century of cinema history and all five boroughs to gather together these diverse female-driven stories of ambition, romance, rebellion, and risk, portraits of shopgirls, party girls, working girls, unmarried women, society dames, mad housewives, and ladies about town trying to make it big, or just get by, in a city of glass towers and glass ceilings.

Additional titles and special guests to be announced

All Over Me Alex Sichel, 1997, U.S., 86m, 35mm
Another Woman Woody Allen, 1988, 124m, 35mm
Auntie Mame Morton DaCosta, 1958, 143m, 35mm
Baby Face Alfred E. Green, 1933, 71m, 35mm
The Best of Everything Jean Negulesco, 1959, 121m, DCP
Blue Steel Kathryn Bigelow, 1990, 102m, 35mm
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Blake Edwards, 1961, 115m, 35mm
Butterfield 8 Daniel Mann, 1960, 109m, 35mm
Claudine John Berry, 1974, 92m, 35mm
Crossing Delancey Joan Micklin Silver, 1988, 97m, 35mm
Daisy Kenyon Otto Preminger, 1947, 99m, 35mm
Diary of a Mad Housewife Frank Perry, 1970, 95m, 35mm
Easy Living Preston Sturges, 1937, 88m, 35mm
The First Wives Club Hugh Wilson, 1996, 103m, 35mm
Funny Girl William Wyler, 1968, 151m, DCP
Girlfriends Claudia Weill, 1978, 86m, 35mm
Girls About Town George Cukor, 1931, 80m, 35mm
Gloria John Cassavetes, 1980, 123m, DCP
I Like It Like That Darnell Martin, 1994, 104m, 35mm
It Should Happen to You George Cukor, 1954, 86m, 35mm
Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. Leslie Harris, 1993, 92m, 35mm
The Last Days of Disco Whit Stillman, 1998, 113m, DCP
Looking for Mr. Goodbar Richard Brooks, 1977, 136m, 35mm
Manhandled Allan Dwan, 1924, 75m, DCP
Mixed Blood Paul Morrissey, 1984, 98m 35mm
Model Frederick Wiseman, 1981, 129m, 16mm
Moonstruck Norman Jewison, 1987, 102, 35mm
Ms. 45 Abel Ferrara, 1981, 80m, 35mm
News From Home Chantal Akerman, 1989, 85m, DCP
Old Enough Marisa Silver, 1984, 92m, 35mm
Pillow Talk Michael Gordon, 1959, 102m, 35mm
Poor Little Rich Girl Andy Warhol, 1965, 66m, 16mm
The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann
Henry Paris (Radley Metzger), 1974, 83m, DCP
Rosemary’s Baby Roman Polanski, 1968, 137m, 35mm
The Seventh Victim Mark Robson, 1943, 71m, 35mm
Shame, Shame, Everybody Knows Her Name!
Joseph Jacoby, 1969, 79m, DCP
Smithereens Susan Seidelman, 1982, 89m, 35mm
Some American Feminists
Nicole Brossard, Luce Guilbeault & Margaret Wescott, 1980, Canada, 58m, DCP
Something Wild Jack Garfein, 1961, 113m, 35mm
Such Good Friends Otto Preminger, 1971, 101m, DCP
Survival in New York Rosa von Praunheim, 1989, 90m, 16mm
Sweet Charity Bob Fosse, 1969, 154m, 35mm
Tally Brown, New York Rosa von Praunheim, 1979, 97m, 16mm
Times Square Allan Moyle, 1980, 111m, 35mm
Tootsie Sidney Pollack, 1982, 116m, DCP
An Unmarried Woman Paul Mazursky, 1978, U.S., 124m, DCP
Up the Down Staircase Robert Mulligan, 1967, 124m, 35mm
Variety Bette Gordon, 1983, 100m, DCP
Walking and Talking Nicole Holofcener, 1996, 86m, 35mm
Working Girl Mike Nichols, 1988, 113m, DCP
Working Girls Lizzie Borden, 1986, 93m, 35mm

*All titles are from the U.S. unless otherwise noted

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