Saturday, June 9, 2018

Murder Made Easy (2017) Dances With Film 2018

I would like to beat up the makers of MURDER MADE EASY because they have made a film that is nigh impossible to review. Its not a matter of saying if it is good or bad- it is most assuredly excellent and deserving of your attention, rather it is impossible to discuss without risking ruining it for you.

To be honest it is easy to say that the film concerns a widow and her husband's best friend who invite some friends over for dinner only to have their lives put into danger, but to say more than that is being dangerous. I suppose it is okay to say something about Agatha Christie because the filmmakers mention it in the promotional material but to go beyond that is taking a chance.

I will say that this is  twisty turny murder mystery of the sort no one really does any more, unless it's a local theater company is reviving some old time mystery.  It is beautifully acted  and expertly put together with a plot  line that is going to make you wonder where the hell it is going. Trust me its a delightful place.

And that dear friends is all I can say with out risking ruining it for you other than to add I can't recommend this film enough. Go see it when it plays Dances with films on June 14th. (Tickets Here)

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