Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Solutions (2017)

Solutions is a solid little film about Derek, a man who can do anything for a price. His son Damon wants to know what exactly his father does for a living and he brings him along as he takes the case of an industrialist who wants to be mayor despite being despised. Derek throws him in head first and gets more than his feet wet.

Carried along by a sharp script and great performances in the leads. David P.B. Stephens and Oise Ohiwerei shine as father and son. They sell the relationship perfectly with the result the film becomes something more than a story about a fixer but also a father and a son and the family business.

As with many shorts I’ve been seeing lately I’m wondering if this is a kind of proof of concept film for a feature. If so I would be interested in seeing where it would go. There are certainly enough threads here to make me believe that it would work.

Regardless, as a short film on it’s own terms Solutions is more than just a show reel for something longer and is a nifty story worth tracking down.

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