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Some Are Better than Others: The Curious Case of the Anthology Film September 14 – 27 at the Quad

The Quad offers up a cinematic smorgasbord of over 180 short films—contained within 28 omnibus features—spanning everything from swordplay to sci-fi, swindling to streetwalking, love, and war

With segments from Agnès Varda, Abbas Kiarostami, Joe Dante, Claire Denis, Chang Cheh, Chantal Akerman, Robert Altman, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Vera Chytilová, Federico Fellini, David Lynch, Chris Marker, Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, seven from Jean-Luc Godard and more

Plus a First Encounter screening of Love in the City with Amy Heckerling!

We’ve all felt it and we’ve all said it, whether to ourselves or to fellow moviegoers: “The best part was when…” While this is inevitable in processing any filmgoing experience, there is one genre that invites it as a running tally before the picture is even over: the omnibus, or multi-part, feature. The concept of the cinematic corollary to a short-story collection became viable with the advent of sound and before the invention of television, as filmmakers cleaved to the lofty ideal of contributing to a thematic whole—or to the anything-goes element of the equivalent of a pot-luck dinner. Producers liked the genre because it allowed for more stars to be packed onto the poster; actors enjoyed performing palate-cleansers between bigger projects. The format took off as more of an art and documentary form overseas, especially in France where it was known as a portmanteau and filmmakers took on assignments as a point of pride—both professional and national. For our far-reaching retrospective, we’ve selected only those anthology movies consisting of contributions by multiple directors; join us for three, three, three movies in one…or four, four, four…or more, more, more. All aboard the omnibus, for what might just be the ultimate short film festival, featuring over 180 titles.

À propos de Nice, la suite
Catherine Breillat/Costa-Gavras/Claire Denis/Raymond Depardon/Abbas Kiarostami & Parviz Kimiavi/Pavel Lungin/Raúl Ruiz, 1995, France, 99m, 35mm

Amazon Women on the Moon
Joe Dante/Carl Gottlieb/Peter Horton/John Landis/Robert K. Weiss, 1987, U.S., 85m, 35mm

Robert Altman/Bruce Beresford/Bill Bryden/Jean-Luc Godard/Derek Jarman/Franc Roddam/Nicolas Roeg/Ken Russell/Charles Sturridge/Julien Temple, 1987, UK, 90m, DCP

Boccaccio ’70
Vittorio De Sica/Federico Fellini/Mario Monicelli/Luchino Visconti, 1962, Italy/France, 204m, DCP

Dead of Night
Alberto Cavalcanti/Charles Crichton/Basil Dearden/Robert Hamer, 1945, UK, 103m, DCP

Far from Vietnam
Jean-Luc Godard/Joris Ivens/William Klein/Claude Lelouch/Chris Marker/Alain Resnais/Agnès Varda, 1967, France, 116m, DCP

Forever and a Day
René Clair/Edmund Goulding/Cedric Hardwicke/Frank Lloyd/Victor Saville/Robert Stevenson/Herbert Wilcox, 1943, U.S., 104m, DCP

Four Moods
King Hu/Hsing Lee/Han Hsiang Li/Ching-Jui Pai, 1970, Taiwan, 140m, DCP

Germany in Autumn
Alf Brustellin/Hans Peter Cloos/R. W. Fassbinder/Alexander Kluge/
Maximiliane Mainka/Edgar Reitz/Katja Rupé/Volker Schlöndorff/Peter Schubert/Bernhard Sinkel, 1978, West Germany, 123m, 35mm

If I Had a Million
James Cruze/H. Bruce Humberstone/Ernst Lubitsch/Norman Z. McLeod/Lothar Mendes/Steven Roberts/William A. Seiter/Norman Taurog, 1932, U.S., 83m, 35mm

Love and Anger
Marco Bellocchio & Elda Tattoli/Bernardo Bertolucci/Jean-Luc Godard/Carlo Lizzani/Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1969, Italy/France, 102m, 35mm

Love in the City
Michelangelo Antonioni/Federico Fellini/Alberto Lattuada/Carlo Lizzani/Francesco Maselli & Cesare Zavattini/Dino Risi, 1953, Italy, 115m, 35mm

Lumière and Company
Merzak Allouache/Théo Angelopoulos/Vicente Aranda/Gabriel Axel/John Boorman/Youssef Chahine/Alain Corneau/Costa-Gavras/Raymond Depardon/Francis Girod/Peter Greenaway/Lasse Hallström/Michael Haneke/Hugh Hudson/Gaston Kaboré/Abbas Kiarostami/Cédric Klapisch/Andrei Konchalovsky/Patrice Leconte/Spike Lee/Claude Lelouch/Bigas Luna/David Lynch/Ismail Merchant & James Ivory/Claude Miller/Sarah Moon/Idrissa Ouedraogo/Arthur Penn/Lucian Pintille/Jacques Rivette/Helma Sanders/Jerry Schatzberg/Nadine Trintignant/Fernando Trueba/Liv Ullman/Jaco Van Dormael/Régis Wargnier/Wim Wenders/Zhang Yimou/Kiju Yoshida, 1995, France/Denmark/Spain/Sweden, 88m, 35mm

New York Stories
Woody Allen/Francis Coppola/Martin Scorsese, 1989, U.S., 124m, 35mm

O. Henry’s Full House
Henry Hathaway/Howard Hawks/Henry King/Henry Koster/Jean Negulesco,
1952, U.S., 117m, 16mm

The Oldest Profession
Claude Autant-Lara/Mauro Bolognini/Philippe de Broca/Jean-Luc Godard/Franco Indovina/Michael Pfleghar, 1967, France/Italy/West Germany, 119m, 35mm

Pearls of the Deep
Vera Chytilová/Jaromil Jires/Jirí Menzel/Jan Nemec/Evald Schorm, 1965, Czechoslovakia, 105m, 35mm

Private Collections
Walerian Borowczyk/Just Jaeckin/Shūji Terayama, 1979, France/Japan, 103m, 35mm

Jean-Luc Godard/Ugo Gregoretti/Pier Paolo Pasolini/Roberto Rossellini,
1963, Italy/France, 122m, DCP

The Sandwich Man
Hou Hsiao-hsien/Jen Wan/Zhuang Xiang Zeng, 1983, Taiwan, 105m, DCP

Seven Women, Seven Sins
Chantal Akerman/Maxi Cohen/Valie Export/Laurence Gavron/Bette Gordon/Ulrike Ottinger/Helke Sander,1986, France/Austria/Belgium/U.S./West Germany, 109m, 16mm

Six in Paris (Paris vu par… )
Claude Chabrol/Jean Douchet/Jean-Luc Godard/Jean-Daniel Pollet/Éric Rohmer/Jean Rouch, 1965, France, 95m, 35mm

Spirits of the Dead
Federico Fellini/Louis Malle/Roger Vadim, 1968, France/Italy, 121m, 35mm

Trilogy of Swordsmanship
Chang Cheh/Yueh Feng/Cheng Kang, 1972, Hong Kong, 108m, DCP
Twilight Zone—The Movie
Joe Dante/John Landis/George Miller/Steven Spielberg, 1983, U.S., 101m, 35mm

La Vie est à nous
Jacques Becker/Jacques B. Brunius/Henri Cartier-Bresson/Jean-Paul Le Chanois/
Maurice Lime/Jean Renoir/Pierre Unik/André Zwoboda, 1936, France, 66m, 35mm

The Witches
Mauro Bolognini/Vittorio De Sica/Pier Paolo Pasolini/Franco Rossi/Luchino Visconti, 1967, Italy/France, 105m, 35mm

The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers
Claude Chabrol/Jean-Luc Godard/Ugo Gregoretti/Hiromichi Horikawa,
1964, France/Italy/Japan/The Netherlands, 108m, DCP

Amy Heckerling's First Viewing of
Love in the City

Sat Sept 15, 4.50pm
Michelangelo Antonioni/Federico Fellini/Alberto Lattuada/Carlo Lizzani/Francesco Maselli & Cesare Zavattini/Dino Risi/,1953,Italy,15m,35mm
Six frequently melancholic stories of love drawn from news items lead off with Lizzani’s “Love for Pay,” a documentary-style look at streetwalkers; Antonioni interviews despondents’ in “Attempted Suicide;” Risi’s “Paradise for Three Hours” unites two loners; in Fellini’s segment, “Marriage Agency,” a muckraking reporter infiltrates said business; “Story of Caterina” headlines Caterina Rigoglioso (in her only film) in a downbeat neo-realist tale; and watching the girls go by is the subject of “Italians Turn Their Heads.” In Italian with English subtitles. Print courtesy of the Cineteca Nazionale, Rome.

With Amy Heckerling in person

Screening as part of our ongoing First Encounters series, where we invite filmmakers, artists, writers, and beyond to select a film they’ve always wanted to see, watch it with us for the first time, and share their immediate reactions afterwards.

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