Sunday, September 2, 2018

The fall festival season is here

So as to not show no favoritism to any fest here is my favorite movie theater as a kid-its where I learned to love the movies

Sorry I'm just a little excited

Actually this was supposed to be curtain raiser for the Toronto Film Festival which is happening starting Thursday but circumstances beyond my control have prevented it. The short answer reason is that several films I was promised to have in time for the piece aren’t ready. While I have seen five films from Toronto (one  ofwhich is also playing the Camden International Film Festival and New York) I can’t really do a recommended list or discuss a festival based on what I've seen - though I will say that I've loved three, liked one and was meh on the one playing three festivals.

I will say that we will have coverage coming Ariela is going this week to the festival so we will have someone on the ground. Reports will be coming starting Wednesday.
The second fest this month is The Camden International Film Festival which runs September 13 to 16. This is a kick ass documentary festival in Camden Maine. Over the last week I’ve started to wade into their slate and based on what I’ve seen you have to make an effort to go.

The festival is amazing. (Note to any fellow writers who want to see great films and docs in particular you MUST cover this fest- contact the press office). I’ll have a proper curtain raiser next weekend but I’ve seen a good chunk of their slate and while some films are better than others I haven’t hit any bad ones. That could change but for right now the quality level is as good as it gets and rivals the near perfect programming of DOC NYC and the New York International Children’s Film Festival which almost never ever falter in their programming. Look for coverage of about 30 films from the festival.

But if possible just go. (Tickets and info here)
The third fest this month  is the New York Film Festival. As this posts I’ve seen three films and heard about a good number of others. I have tickets for a bunch of public screenings and I am waiting for the press screenings to line up. We’ll have as much coverage as we can manage. It’s too early to really discuss it. (Festival info here)
I should also note that I maybe picking up some odd films from other September Festivals. I'm being offered some films and I may jump if I can find the time.

I'm going to try and put something together for the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival which starts this week because we've covered most of the features screening. (For tickets go here) But until then just search the titles to get our reviews.

We go festival crazy starting Wednesday so keep reading.

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