Friday, July 17, 2020

Book-Paper-Scissors (2019) Japan Cuts 2020

If you love books as physical objects then you must see BOOK-PAPER-SCISSORS about book designer Nobuyoshi Kikuchi who has designed the look of 15,000 books over his long career. It is a wonderful exploration of the care and craft that some people put into putting a book together.

I'm not going to guess how much you like or dislike this film, I'm only going to say that if you ever wanted to know about the thought that goes into making a really good looking book this is for you. I was hooked early on when Kikuchi received a shipment of number of copies of a book he designed and then he proceeded to go over the book explaining why he chose the color schemes and the shadings and the paper... and my jaw kind of dropped because I never really thought about everything he was showing us. I love books and I sold books but I never thought that much abot what went into making them.

Of course I never had Nobuyoshi Kikuchi to explain it all to me. A very particular man, he is very aware of everything and he can explain it all down to the smallest detail and it makes learning about the making of books that much cooler. I will never look at a book the same way again.

Highly recommended for book lovers (if you loved THE BOOKSELLERS earlier this year this is for you)

For information on how to stream this film or any of the others at Japan Cuts go here.

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