Monday, July 20, 2020

Days Of The Whale hits Virtual Theaters July 24

Catalina Arroyave's DAYS OF THE WHALE is a gem of a film. While the film certainly chose to world premiered at SXSW because it's street artist characters were certain to connect with the festival goers, the film is much more special and alive to simply remain connected to one segment of the film going audience.

The film follows artists Cristina and Simon who are part of a community of young artists in Medellin in Columbia. Struggling to get their art seen they also have to deal with the problems of being, young, in love and living in a city here gangs hold say over some parts of life. When a threat is left on a wall by one of the gangs, the pair decide to paint over it with a mural, thus creating a conflict between themselves and within their community.

I don't know where to start so much in this film is wonderful.  The story is compelling, the art is amazing, the sense of place is near perfect...there is so much I want to say in the hope of getting you to see the film I don't know where to start. However probably the best  reason is the cast which is as good as they come. Headed by Laura Tobón and David Escallón the cast never seems to be acting only living their lives. Better yet Tobón and Escallón work so well together that they are one of the great romantic couples I've ever run across. Their affection for each other is tactile and bleeds off the screen.  Watching the pair together I kept thinking I want that level of connection in my life.

I really love this film a great deal and I don't want to spoil it for you by telling you what I think the film is. Never mind what I think the film is, other than great, just go see it. Go see it and see a world that is more real and a live than the one you are living in some bland office somewhere.

Highly recommended.

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