Sunday, July 26, 2020

Nightcap 7/26/20- Shameless self promotion and other random things

I begin with shameless self promotion by saying once more we are quoted in a film trailer.

I suspect I should probably work out exactly how many trailers/poster/dvd covers we've been quoted on.
The New York Asian Film Festival is going virtual August 28 to September 12
My coverage of Japan Cuts has sadly petering out.

I've seen a good number of films more than I have reviewed but the problem is most of what is left to review has been heavier films than I can deal with right now. I really can't deal with death and destruction unless it's in a fantastical setting. I can't bring myself to write on them because it requires me to stay in a darker place than I can handle right now.  I have notes so hopefully I will squeeze a couple more pieces out.
Pretty much every major film release has been pushed back meaning the summer season is dead and the fall looks to be on life support.

I don't expect any of the major fall films to get released. I have n info on that, only a gut feeling. I think we may get some sort of Christmas releases but even then this is going to be an odd year for awards and such.

What exactly are the Oscars going to look like?

What are the fall festivals going to be?
The real question is are there going to be any theaters left when Covid is done.

I know that chains like AMC are in trouble and I suspect the small theater and art houses are hurting as well. Will they come back? I don't know.

I am getting word that many friends and neighbors who work retail are going on unemployment. Just as people here in New York can start to go back many places are finding business isn't bouncing back and they are closing down.  None of that is film related but it just reveals how bad things are (Number suggest over 25% of the country now is out of work).

Filmwise a neighbor who does animation and visual effects is doing okay only because he is getting a lot of commercial work. He said if he had to rely on film production he would be dead since nothing is being done here in the US.

He also said that a couple of films he knows about have stalled in post production because they haven't been able to get into any screening rooms to see how films played on the big screen in general or to test them with audiences.

The next two years of film going are going to be strange.
Actually the strange thing about this week is the US government said they have extraterrestrial crafts and it barely registered on the news
With Quarantines extending across the US there is a good chance I will continue the Stay at Home Bonus Films into the fall.
I have been intrigued with the pop up drive ins that have sprung up everywhere. There have been a couple of screenings that I wanted to attend but I passed because the price in some cases was too much- If I am going alone or with a friend I am not spending 50 bucks or more

That said I am hoping that I can see PENINSULA the sequel to Train to Busan and Seoul Station at a drive in- I may have to schlep up state to do so.
In trying to track down the old Sunn Classic Films on YouTube (you know In Search of Noah's Ark, Beyond and Back) I ran into a stash of 1970's UFO docs. Some of them I had been trying to find for a decade or more (they used to run them on Channel 5 here in NYC every now and again)  and some I had never seen before.

Some of the one's I hadn't seen before actually have turned out to be really interesting. Despite obvious padding and talking to some of the loopier "space people" many of the films have solid sections where there are solid interviews with witnesses and footage and photos that look solid. Its more than your typical collection of repeated information.

I'm going to put something together and get it up here at Unseen on the films.
I need to mention the passing of Regis Philbin. I discovered him decades ago on day time TV as a kid. His perky personality and likable nature won me over and I found I kept watching whatever show he was on. I also found myself smiling every time he appeared on TV. He will be missed.
I also need to note the passing of John Saxon.  A Hollywood fixture he was in around 200 films and TV shows. It is a stunning body of work full of classic moments including ENTER THE DRAGON, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET not to mention pretty much every other film he was in.

Saxon was one of the rare actors who was never bad. He always seemed to show up and gave his all. Where other actors and actresses would walk through their performances, Saxon would give you everything. He added weight to whatever he was doing- even if it was absolutely silly(Battle Beyond the Stars).

I loved Saxon and actually most of his films simply because he was in it and he could sell it all.

He will be missed.

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