Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nightcap 2/15/15 DVD cover quote,heavy festival coverage begins now, an upcoming birthday and Randi's links

The top quote on the back of the UK EJECTA DVD is mine
This is the time of year where it all gets crazy.

The lack of sunlight and being stuck inside because of snow and the cold collides with the start up of the real festival season for us. The need to cover things being thrown our way runs up against a desire to just sit and watch trash Euro genre films from the 50's, 60's  and 70's.

I don't want to do anything constructive.

On the other hand I have been doing some things constructive since I'm putting finishing touches on our pre-festival coverage of Film Comment Selects which starts tomorrow. This is an important fest for us since it was the first festival we covered. As Unseen slips into it's sixth year at the end of the week we'll be once again making the first festival we're on the ground for Film Comment Selects.

The festival is a great one with off beat looks at films from all over and a variety of genres getting screenings that might never ever happen otherwise. For tickets and more information go to the festival page.

I'm six films into Rendez-Vous with French Cinema and I have a few press screenings scheduled. The mix is good with only one real stinker (a short), though so far nothing I'm raving about. Reviews will start hitting the first week of March right before the series starts.

I've seen a third of the nine announced New Directors New Films titles and as good friend of mine describes the series it appears, yet again, to be one of the weirder festivals with choices made by whim rather than quality. Of the films I've seen nothing is truly bad (even if one is by a director I despise), though to be completely honest I have no idea why they are singled out as being New Directors material. I'm hoping for some really good stuff to be announced with the rest of the titles. The reviews will start the week the festival starts.

A reminder that the New York International Children's Film Festival starts in twelve days and tickets are on sale. I've got mine, as well as a curtain raiser and several reviews slotted to go.

And if you are getting tickets do so now several screenings are sold out.  They may add more screenings then again, they may not.
If you don't know Friday is our fifth birthday.  Saying that surprises the hell out of me especially since I never expected to be where I am as a result of doing this. I certainly never expected to see our work end up quoted in movie trailers, on posters, outside of theaters or on DVD cases (see above). Nor did I ever expect that we'd be doing some of the other things that have come our way.

Its been a wild trip.

I've put Bully and his BFF Shelly T Otter in charge of mailing out cupcakes to all our loyal readers  so be sure to let them know where you want your mailed and assuming they don't eat them all they'll get them out to you.

I'll have more to say Friday but for now thanks for coming along.
An now Randi's links

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