Sunday, February 22, 2015

Unseen Film's Oscar Telecast Alternatives

As we did with last years Oscars we're going to present a few alternatives to the Oscar telecast-

Peter Grrenaway's deeply disturbing THE BABY OFMACON

Peter Greenaway talks Painting

This is a weird mix of stop motion dinosaurs and cartoon animated characters.

Fan dub of a swords and sandals film in glorious widescreen. You normally don't get these films looking this good.

A great film about the first post WW2 Olympics. I really love this film and was going to pay alot of money to buy a copy until it showed up on You Tube from the Olympic Committee.

Off beat Soviet fantasy about a brothers trying to find wives-one of which was an enchanted princess in the form of a frog. I'm not going to lie, the first half hour is really dull but then it gets good as the princess is kidnapped by a dragon and her lover goes to get her.

Bela Lugosi plays the hero in  the fantastic serial THE RETURN OF CHANDU. This is one of my favorite Lugosi roles and he kicks ass as an action hero. Lugosi had played the villian in an earlier Chandu feature which had Edmund Lowe as the Hero. This is better.
FYI- This was cut into two feature films- they are okay-the full in 12 chapter version is better

Peter Cushing talks his life and career

The great Eddie Constantine crime thriller HAIL MAFIA

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