Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tons of stuff opens this week-here's links to what we've seen

This is a killer week for film releases. Tons of stuff is hitting theaters and VOD and with a number of them we had a chance to see them earlier at festivals.Instead of reposting everything I’m going to say a little bit and then link to the posts.

The two must see films are:
DELI MAN- which premiered at the New York Jewish Film Festival. This is one of the best films of 2015 so far.  A wonderful look at the history of deli food through a portrait of one man. Not only should you see it but you should also have dinner plans for after it since you’ll want a knosh afterward

71- fantastic thriller about a British soldier in Northern Ireland. Its fantastic edge of your seat actioner  that kicks ass on the big screen go see it.

Films you can miss are
MAPS TO THE STARS- funny for all the wrong reasons David Cronenberg's look at Hollywood is a mess. Hubert took a look at the film when it played the NYFFand his review can be found here. I also saw it and my thoughts are here

BLUE BIRD-well acted film about a child left overnight in freezing temps on a school bus is earnest but requires too much suspension of disbelief to work and seemed to be missing something. This was on my worst of the year list in 2013

YOUNG BODIES HEAL QUICKLY- split Mondo and me. Mondo  liked it more than I did but had reservations about its oddness.(His review is here) My thought this might have worked had something been explained in the film instead of in the press notes. For me it was another crappy movie that makes little sense on its own terms (My review is here).

And if thats not enough I should remind you that EJECTA and MY WAY also are opening this week, and KUNG FU ELLIOT is going wider

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