Sunday, April 10, 2016

In Brief: Il Solengo (2015) Art of the Real 2016

Portrait of Mario de Marcella, a man who lived as a hermit for 60 years. The title is his nick name which is the name of a rogue boar.

This is a great little film that consists of a group of men who lived in the area where Mario lived talking about Mario. They tell what they know and speculate about what they don't with the result that the film feels more like hanging out with a bunch of guys shooting the breeze. The film also has a nice sting it it's tail which I won't get into.

If the film has any flaw it's perhaps it has one or two too many shots of the wilderness with the winds blowing. Yes it gives a sense of place , but a little goes along way.

The film plays at Lincoln Center on April 14th.

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