Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Dallas International Film Festival starts Thursday and you should go

The Dallas film festival starts this week and it’s filled with great films.

It’s a film that I were introduced to by a good friend who told me that the festival existed and that Unseen Films should be covering it. John was dead on, the Dallas Film Festival is  a wonderful mix of big and small films that manages to be the rare festival that can walk both sides of the cinematic road. Here big films  mix with small films and genre films mix with mainstream to make a festival that truly is for everyone.

How good is the festival? I’ve chopped myself in half and I am actually going to be covering some films at the festival while I’m covering the Tribeca Film Festival that is happening at the same time and which most of you know eats my time and my brain. Reviews for Dallas will be dropping starting later in the week so that those of you who are able to go can get a bead on what to see.

I've also see a bunch of the films playing the festival because they screened in New York Festivals over the last six months. Below are links to the reviews that previously appeared here at Unseen:


And then there are the following two films which I've seen as part of my coverage of Tribeca. Because I saw them there I am embargoed about writing them up and limited to capsules in a curtain raiser

HIGH-RISE is Ben Wheatley’s glorious mess of a film. Based on JG Ballard’s novel, the film is about literal class war in a trendy high rise apartment block. Full of sex and violence, in copious amounts, the film has split critics into love and hate it camps. I think it’s a messy film (the narrative disappears in the second half) but at the same time I think it has a visceral quality that hangs with you making it a must see. As a fellow writer said several days after a screening I remember High-Rise over the eight other films I’ve seen since it.

LIFE, ANIMATED is the story of Owen Suskind, a young man with Autism. Having spent years locked inside himself, it wasn’t until his parents found that Josh could be reached via animated films that he was able to go on. A deeply moving story the film is a continuation of Owen‘s story which his father had told in a book about him. Here we watch as he finishes school, find romance and moves out on his own. It’s a film that will knock your socks off. It may end up as one of my favorite films of 2016

As I said above expect reviews to appear later in the week including  IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE,THE LIBERATORS, UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT and one of the best films of the festival DEMIMONDE (There should be a baker's dozen of reviews). I suggest you bookmark the Dallas Film Festival tag and check back periodically to see what is happening.

For ticket and more information go here

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