Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In Brief: O Futebol / On Football (2015) Art of the Real 2016

After not seeing with his father for 20 years director Sergio Oksman decides to look him up and try to reconnect. The do and they decide to watch every game of the 2014 World Cup together.

Portrait told in silences and motions. An example of observational reporting has the two men watching TV, driving and so on . Not a great deal is said. The film falls into a routine which continues even after an unexpected turn of events The film also documents how Brazil becomes overcome with football fever, as we hear the reactions of those watching the games that the men don't always see.

A film for those who like to sit and watch and make up their own minds. For me a little went a long away and my interest waned. Though to be fare had I not been given a screener for the film I never would have tried  it.

Great for those who like this sort of a thing, and endurance test for all others.

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