Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Farmer Veteran (2016) Dallas International Film Festival 2016

Farmer/Veteran is damning portrait of what we are doing to our soldiers. If things continue like this then we will be leaving a whole generation of broken and damaged young men and women to pay for our stupid wars.

The film is a portrait of Alex Sutton. Three tours in Iraq have left him only a reflection of himself. Suffering from PTSD Sutton is trying to make a living being a chicken farmer. When his girlfriend becomes pregnant it kicks up all sorts of issues, many of which he is having trouble dealing with. Making it worse is the cocktail of meds that he is on to control the symptoms of his illness.

A sad angering film will make you want to get up and do something. If this is what we are doing to our soldiers by getting involved n rich men’s wars then we should be ashamed. Watching the film and watching as Sutton cycles through being, normal, emotional; and zombified when the meds kick in, is incredibly troubling. We should be better than this. I was moved to tears.

This is a vitally important film that will make you wonder if there is anything better we can do to help our soldiers get along, and if there is, why aren’t we doing it.

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