Thursday, July 20, 2017

ANTIPORNO (2017) Japan Cuts 2017

Sion Sono's destruction and subversion of the Roman Porno genre was made by Nikkatsu as part of it's reboot project (other entries played at the New York Asian Film Festival this year). It is a destruction of the sex films and Japanese porn films in general.

Beginning as a twisted tale of a rich artist who abuses her secretary while spouting high minded ideas, the film flips about a third of the way through as it's all revealed to be a pretentious sex film where leering men call the shots. Its a move that makes the film incredibly uncomfortable (as if what went before wasn't already) and plants it firmly in Sono's world of cinema.

As a straight on film it, like most Roman Porno films, doesn't work. The plot isn't the point here since Sono is too busy pushing buttons and getting you to reconsider everything including like just how bad the plots of sex films really are.

To be honest when I first saw the film several weeks ago I really wasn't thrilled with the film. It didn't hang together for me. However as time went on and the more I thought about the film it grew in my estimation. Frankly Sono's intellectual destruction of sex films in general is one of the best films at this years Japan Cuts.

Worth a look for Sono fans- and anyone wanting to have their minds shaken and their views challenged

The film plays July 22 with SUMMER'S PUKE IS WINTER'S DELIGHT. Its a three minute endurance test as we listen to some one throw up while we watch trippy images.  It is an endurance test and nothing more and easily the worst film at Japan Cuts.

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