Monday, July 10, 2017

NOW, Films that Inspired the Safdie Brothers' GOOD TIME, Begins August 2 (HEAT, JACKIE BROWN, AFTER HOURS, and more!)

Beginning August 2

The Films that Inspired Josh and Benny Safdie's Good Time

Heat, After Hours, Miami Blues, Jackie Brown, Scarecrow, Thief, 48 Hours, and more!
Beginning Wednesday August 2, Metrograph will present NOW, a series of films that inspired the filmGood Time (starring Robert Pattinson and opening August 11 by A24), curated by directors Josh and Benny Safdie. Per the Safdies, "Here's a bunch of movies that kept us hot and bothered all through the conception and realization of our newest feature. There's a nylon thread running through 'em: the hapless plight of the snake-bit fool, bouncing through life like a pinball, responding shrewdly to the moment but having zero say in the future. It's the present tense alone makes the hero holy, and it's his utter impotence in the grand scheme of life that makes him human. So enjoy the NOW!"
Films Include:

48 Hrs. (Walter Hill/1982/96 mins/35mm)

After Hours (Martin Scorsese/1985/97 mins/35mm)
Q&A with actor Griffin Dunne, producer Amy Robinson, and Josh Safdie

Heat (Michael Mann/1995/170 mins/35mm)

Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino/1997/154 mins/35mm)

Jackson County Jail (Michael Miller/1976/84 mins/35mm)

Law and Order (Frederick Wiseman/1969/81 mins/16mm)

Lock Up: The Prisoners of Riker's Island-Free (Jon Alpert & Nina Rosenblum/1994/75 mins/DCP)

Miami Blues (George Armitage/1990/97 mins/35mm)

One Year in a Life of Crime (Jon Alpert/1989/55 mins/DCP)

The Running Man (Paul Michael Glaser/1987/101 mins/35mm)

Scarecrow (Jerry Schatzberg/1973/112 mins/35mm)
Q&A with Schartzberg and Josh Safdie

Short Eyes (M. Young/1977/100 mins/35mm)

Thief (Michael Mann/1981/122 mins/35mm)

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