Friday, July 28, 2017

Fantasia Capsules- Fritz Lang, Dark Land, LaPlaces Demons, Drib , and Expo 67:Mission Impossible

Fritz Lang
Intriguing idea of Fritz Lang becoming a kind of character in one of his movie in between Woman in the Moon and M never quite comes together the way it should. The problem with the film is too much of a hybrid. Mixing actual footage with new as well as expanding on actual events the film never quite feels real. We are constantly pulled out of one reality, either real or created, and put in the other. The blending isn’t as seamless as it should be. I think the film should have been all recreation then we would have accepted it all. I should also probably mention that having a cursory knowledge of Lang kind of prevented me from buying the dramatic premise as well. Worth a a look but nothing spectacular.

Good thriller has a well-respected doctor putting his career on hold to chase down the bad guys who killed his brother after a heist goes wrong. Great looking with style to burn this is a film that will hold your attention despite a slightly slack pacing and some plot bumps (why would crooks continue with a robbery when a car accident happens outside and cops are descending on it). Recommended.

Part documentary part dramatic recreation follows what happens when an energy drink hires provocative comedian Amir Asgharnejad to rep their company and do advertising spots. Things do not go as expected. Odd film about a clash of cultures, provocation comedy and advertising, never quite works. So much of the film is recreation that nothing feels real. Worse unlike Orson Welles F is For Fake which most people believe the first time through Asgharnejad is such a joker that you never go with the flow. (and he’s a bit of an ass as well so you really don’t care.) Not bad but extremely disappointing in that it never achieves whatever it is it wants to do.

La Places's Demons
Scientists who discover the ability to predict the outcome of any event such as a smashing glass are invited to an isolated island to share their discovery only to have things go really weird when their host begins to act strangely. Moody black and white film is very mannered and echoes the work of Guy Maddin in an over long tale that is more intent on making a point rather than actually telling a scary story. More a series of moments or images rather than a whole movie my interest waned early and never returned.

Expo 68: Mission Impossible
Good but much too short look at the making of the Expo 67 the biggest world’s fair ever. Featuring tons of unseen films, photos & documents the film tells a story . Breezing by in a swift 68 minutes this film goes into the behind scenes story of the making of the legendary world’s fair at speed. It’s a great but at the same time after showing us the archive that had until recently never been touched we are left wanting more. I would love to have seen more of everything. And while I enjoyed the hell out of the film I kind of wish it had slowed down and shown us more. Definitely worth a look – now if they would only put out a companion book all would be right with the world.

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