Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blue Demon vs Las Invasoras

This is one of those so bad it’s good sort of films. It’s a film that makes you question who it was who made the film and what audience they were aiming at. Its nominally a wrestling film but it kind of drifts dangerously close toward being a faux sex film.

The basic plot of the film has a space ship come to earth (it's a light that leaves a billard ball) and land in a lake. A stereotypical Mexican peasant kid sees it. The ship, which has some of the silliest sets you’ll see in any science fiction, is manned by a crew of women. The women leave their ship and head to the local bar where they get all the men folk to help them thanks to their good looks and electronic aids.

If you’re thinking that the film could very easily turn into an adult film you’d be right, except that things never go that way, even though they sure feel like they might. Instead we get the appearance of the Blue Demon in story that will make your jaw hang open in disbelief.

Adults actually made this film? Really?

This isn’t to say that the film isn’t entertaining. Oh lord how it’s entertaining. It’s the sort of thing that you’ll want to have hanging around for one of those nights when you’re hanging out with friends and want to watch a film that will be more than something you watch. This is a film that you can’t help but talk back to. I was watching this film late one night before bed and found I was talking a little too loud to the TV.

In the right frame of mind it’s a blast.

I found a copy of this film in the dollar bin at the local 99 cents store. I suggest you keep an eye out for it since it’s a dollar well spent. (I should probably mention the copy I have is in Spanish without subtitles. It doesn’t matter since the film is just so much fun no mstter how you see it.)

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