Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Last Frankenstien (1991) (Rasuto Frankenstien)

This modern tale of an attempt to build a creature is one of the best "horror" films ever made, even if its not a horror film but something else entirely. Certainly its on my short list of all time great films.

This film was introduced to me by someone who told me "I have this film that probably one of the best films you'll ever see. It will move you and touch you and make you think, but if I told you what it is and told you how its done you will think its the stupidest thing on the face of it and you won't watch it." Intrigued I asked what did he mean, and he said, "Well its a Frankenstein story, with a very goofy sort of edge, but which uses it to its advantage." My ears perked up, and I being a trusting soul took the tape and watched it. I was blown away.

The plot concerns a mad scientist attempting to make a new Adam and Eve in the wake of a suicidal plague that is ravaging the world. Locked up in his lab his experiments go differently then either he or we expect.

Some of it is silly (The bolts in the neck, the wrestling moves...), all of it is touching and thought provoking.

I can not recommend this movie enough. If you are willing to take the film on its terms and allow it to tell its story then I urge you to seek this film out and see it. This is an undiscovered gem that will stay with you forever.

15 out of 10 and then some.

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