Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Champions of Justice (1971)

I’m going to give you a simple test to see if you’ll want to see this film. Don’t worry it’s a simple test that requires a simple yes or no question.

Do you like the idea of a mad scientist having an army of midgets in red spandex with matching masks and capes?

If you said yes then continue reading this movie is for you, if not come back tomorrow for our next film, you’re the wrong audience.

Champions is as silly as my question sounds. It’s completely off the rails and then some…and yet it’s a great deal of fun.

The plot has something to do with the scientist trying to take over the world with his super powered army of little people. He’s amped them up with one of his gadgets and even the smallest of them can take on one of the biggest wrestlers, which is good because his opposition is an army made up of wrestlers including Mil Mascaras and the Blue Demon.

I can’t really go into the plot since I was watching the film without subtitles (though I've discovered there is a subtitled version out there) so I was lost as to the details of what was going on. On the other hand it’s more than obvious who the good guys are and who the bad guys are so it’s easy to follow the bigger picture.(and as with most over the top movies it’s sometime best not to deal in the details since they only make things even sillier)

I really liked this film a great deal. It’s wonderfully non-taxing and the sort of thing you turn off and just sort of let was over you in the best sort of vaudeville boo hiss sort of away.

I would call the film a glorious guilty pleasure, but as someone more respected than myself once said no pleasure is guilty.

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