Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nemo (1984) (aka Dream One)

It too me several goes to get all the way through this film, but after two or three years I've finally done it. Granted the pace is slow, but this thing is so odd its hard to watch.

The device that gets things moving is that Nemo, his parents having gone off to the opera, asks his butler to tell him a story with all a great many unrelated characters. Before the story is told, Nemo, dressed like Winsor McKay's creation, wanders into to the story. The plot has Nemo, take an elevator to a beach somewhere. There the Nautilus (Captain Nemo) has been beached, a teen boy runs about with a white gorilla (his toy). Alice (from Wonderland) washes ashore and Zorro shows up. Aliens land. Nemo grows into Jason Connery so he can woo Alice...And I'm forgetting a ton of stuff.

The sets and effects are cheap and the performances uneven, but where else do you get to see Harvey Keitel as Zorro?

I have no idea how to describe, never mind rate this film. Its slow and dull at times, but its so off the wall and dream like in its plotting that you continue to watch. Some of it is profound, some of it is stupid.

If you like cinema obscurities search this bad boy out since its never played in the US to the best of knowledge, and other than the bootleg market it probably never will.

I have no idea what to think of this other than the film still dances around my brain even though other better films have been forgotten.


  1. Hey, can you tell me where you got a copy of this film? I've looked everywhere on the internet, and I cannot find it.

  2. I would check Amazon for an import or with places like Video Search of Miami, which is where I got my copy.

  3. I saw this film once, on television, in the late 80's. It's been, as far as I know; and I've kept a lookout for it being on again, the only time it's ever been on TV here in Australia. This film affected me PROFOUNDLY! I actually saw it for sale, once, on DVD...and I do not know why I didn't jump at that chance to buy it!


  4. I first saw this film in 1985 and I liked it very much, it was written by Telsche Boorman daughter of director John Boorman, Who produced Dream One - Nemo.
    The story is an adaptation of "Little Nemo in Slumberland, by American cartoonist Winsor McCay.
    The special effects are a bit cheesy as you would expect in a low budget arty sort of film from the early 80s, But it has a great deal of charm. The story is dreamlike and childish, but it has a certain flare. I really liked Katrine Boorman’s character the internally bored Countess Duchka. Also a very young and alarmingly ginger Charley Boorman is in this film.
    It’s a shame that Jason Connery’s film career didn’t go very far after this, he looks the part in this, His act in this? Well, I didn’t hate it. Harvey Keitel plays it like well… him!
    I must say that Mathilda May’s performance as Alice was a bit insipid, but she too looked the part. Nipsey Russell’s Mr Rip the Prospero magician character in Dream One could have been played a little more understated but still came up with some profound moments.
    Dream One is an odd little arty film which you’ll either hate or love, it resonated with me enough for me to buy the DVD and watch it again after 30 years.

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  6. Hey, please...if anybody finds this dvd please send me an email letting me know where to get it. My address is buffaloed@pldi.net I appreciate it! Thank you.