Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eldrich Influence:The Life, Vision, and Phenomenon of H.P. Lovecraft (2003)

Very good look at Lovecraft and his influence.Mostly a collection of talking heads this is a lively discussion of most things Lovecraftian.

Its a joy to hear Brian Lumley and Neil Gaiman talk on the various subjects covered, and its clear that both would be great fun to hang out with in a bar and have them go off on various subjects. (I'm curious about the inclusion of Gaiman only in that everyone else who is interviewed has a stylistic connection to Lovecraft and he doesn't.Then a again he's an great interview subject)

If you like the works of Lovecraft this is a must see since its a really good overview of things Lovecraft.

If there are any flaws they are perhaps that they cover a bit too many things, with most things glossed over. Indeed if you aren't at least familiar with the stories you'll have no idea what is being discussed. The other flaw is that the film give too much screen time to the cult of people who use the Mythos as their religion. Its more an "oh please" than anything informative.

If you're a fan or have at least a passing interest in the man and his stories, this is worth a look

(Addendum- Serendipity is at work here. I was not conciously aware that today is Lovecraft's birthday when I programmed this for today. Obviously Cthulu is at work and moving my hand when it comes to scheduling)

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