Friday, August 5, 2011

Updates and Links including more details on this years NYFF

It’s summer time and you would think that things are settling down but in fact they aren’t. Everyone is trying to jockey for a position for the fall season. To that end a few notes, updates and links.

The New York Film Festival has announced it’s master work series. This year they are taking a look at the output the Nikkatsu from Japan. They are running 40 films and there are some choice entries, including a whole bunch I’d never seen before. It’s a mini version of the NYAFF or Japan Cuts. The full list of films can be found here.

The Festival is also running a new digitally restored version of one of my favorite epics of all time Ben Hur. This is a big deal since the film will be screened with the correct aspect ratio for the first time in years. This is high on my must see list for the festival.

On the basis of what I’ve seen so far this year it looks like the organizers have picked a whole bunch of winners. I’m sure my opinion will change fifteen times between now and when the festival ends but for now I’m really looking forward to seeing what films they have chosen to screen.

From last years festival the four and a half hour Mysteries of Lisbon is getting a theatrical release starting today. The film screened last year at the NYFF and I called it like being dropped into a pinball machine full of mayo. I wasn’t all that thrilled with it and I don’t see all of the wonders that many mainstream reviewers are finding in it. My review can be found here.

I should mention that The Guard is starting its platformed release across America and it’s worth going to when it plays at a theater near you. It was the last film I saw at Tribeca this year and it was one of the best.

I should remind you that the Asian American Film festival starts next week here in New York and details can be found here. I’m trying to see if I can get in a few screenings.

Also starting next week is the New York City International film Festival and info can be found here.

Lincoln Center’s Latinbeat series starts at the end of next week. I have four films scheduled and I’m trying to fit in a few more.

Monday night the Film Society is running a sneak preview of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark the new film written and produced by Guillermo del Toro. del Toro, the director and some of the cast will be at the screening. I’ll be going so expect a report Monday night.

I’ll also be trying to see a couple of films at the weekly screenings that the New York International Children’s Film Festival is doing. This weekend is Raining Cats and Frogs from the people behind Mia and the Magoo and The Cat in Paris. The following week is the Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams which looks to be a stunning stop motion film. Both are screening on Saturday and Sundays at the IFC Center.

Lured, which we reviewed a few weeks back is on TCM tomorrow at 130 AM eastern (actually Sunday) as part of Turner Classics Summer Under the Stars look at Lucille Ball

And now some links, many of which I admit to lifting from IMDB.

Imdb's listing of Japanese Oscar winners is here.

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Not on film, but helpful if you watch Korean films, a piece on life in North Korea with photos can be found here.

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