Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congratulations to FilmsRruss on the passing the one year mark

I need to point out something that most of you are not aware of.

There is a great little blog that just passed the one year mark called FilmsRruss.

Its a great film blog from the UK that you should be reading. Russ stumbled on to Unseen a ways back and commented which lead me to take a look at his site, and I've been a faithful reader ever since. (Though to be honest I do tend to read the posts in blocks- which is why I'm posting some two weeks late of his actual anniversary)

Yes there is occasional overlap, but mostly Russ goes his own way which is great since I can steal...er... borrow titles based on his selections. Actually we both come up on stuff independent of each other. Mostly I just groan when I realize he's posting on something I have in the cue- like Cowboys and Aliens which We'll be doing during our Comics and Commentary film series in October.

Truth be told I love when he posts on something I'm doing or have done because I find what he has to say so on target that even when I disagree with him I have to respect what he has to say. Actually I love when he talks about films I haven't seen because I find he's a great way of stumbling on to things I never considered or to move me faster toward seeing something I've been delaying in seeing.

Seriously go read his stuff. I suggest you start with his best of the past year post which is his favorite films from the past year and then you can work your way out from there...just do me a favor and back here when you're done.

Once again Congratulations to a great movie blog on it's one year anniversary.


  1. Wow! I'm speechless!

    Firstly thank you so much for reading my blog and making comments; and secondly for dedicating one of your posts to recommend it in such glowing terms!

    Apologies for spoiling any films that you might be wanting to watch soon. Usually if I know that I'm going to the cinema to see a new film, I don't read other people's reviews until I've formed my own opinion. Consequently I have a list of unread Rise of the Planet of the Apes posts at the moment! I often feel like I ramble on in my posts and that they are not particularly coherent, so I'm glad that people like them.

    I do get inspiration from other blogs, including your own, and add them to my Love Film list (DVD postal rental service); though I have about 80 films queued on there at the moment, and I keep adding!

    Anyway, thank you very very much for the mention. I look forward to coming across some more films I've never heard of on your blog.


  2. You're welcome and you deserve it. You're a great read and a great source of stuff I haven't seen.