Thursday, December 27, 2012

The first series of free films from the Korean Cultural Service for 2013 is animation

The Korean Cultural Service has announced the first series of free films for 2013 and it’s a good one- it’s four Korean animated films.

In all seriousness put this on your schedule and make an effort to go because odds are if you don’t see the films here, you won’t see the films at all, ever, unless you go to Korea. Why? Because no one runs or even thinks about Korean animation, which is a damn shame because they are doing some of the most amazing things with the medium.

The series opens with the gut punch film King of Pigs which Mondocurry covered extensively when the film played at the New York Asian Film Festival with a review and an interview with the director. It’s a great but crushing film and it runs January 15th.

We’ll have more details on each film closer to each screening, but for now go to the Korean Cultural Service website and get the details on the films and make plans to attend the screenings.

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