Saturday, December 8, 2012

Incredible Melting Man (aka Greetings from Planet Saturn) (1977)

One of Rick Baker's early materpieces.

I don't think this film ever played near me when it had it's brief theatrical run. I know I would have made an effort to go if it had. It's probably better that it never did because this movie is a dog and then some.

The plot of the film has Three men going to Saturn. They return...damaged. As the film proper starts Steve is in a bed bandaged from head to toe. He is in a hospital. He wakes up discovers his liquifying hands, freaks out and then runs off into the wildrness where he is hunted by the doctors who want to understand his condirtion and the cops who want to stop a mad killer.

Thats the plot, there is nothing else, just watching the oozing man stagger across the countryside while people give chase.

Its awful.

If the Mystery Science guys never did it either Riff Trax or Cinematic Titanic should.

God it's awful. From the dialog, to the weird occurances, a fleeing nurse doesn't open a glass door she runs through it, when Steve's lower arm is cut off we later see his entire arm gone, and when his eye ball falls out at the start of the film, we see it later perfectly fine...

...blame the director for that one. nimrod William Sachs insisted that Rick Baker use his carefully designed makeup out of order. Baker had designed the make up to get ickier and icker, but Sachs wanted to use it as he saw fit, the result is a monster that goes from good to bad to good to bad to good to bad without ryhme or reason.

This is a turkey, it really is...but it's also a party film for those who don't mind the ooze.

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