Friday, March 15, 2013

Chocko meets Pam Grier

A full report of the first three Pam Grier films at Lincoln Centers Pam Grier Tribute is coming, as well as video and more pictures of the Q&A's  (I have to resize them)  but for now I just want to share ever elusive Chocko making an almost unheard of on camera appearance at the Big Bird Cage Q&A when he asked Pam Grier to sign his copy of her book,

If you're a fan you want to go. Some screenings are sold out so check the website for details. (Might I suggest going to see Greased Lightning tomorrow night, John Wildman is hosting the Q&A and he's someone who's worked with Ms Grier before so it should be interesting)

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  1. Awesome, Chocko! I met her last year at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY. She was there with Warrington Hudlin for a Q&A, book signing, and screening of Jackie Brown. She is still a knockout! Looking forward to the posts.