Monday, March 18, 2013

Pam Grier at Lincoln Center in image and video

In lieu of a review, today I thought I'd just post some pictures of Pam Grier at Lincoln Center. The first pictures are from the Q&A that followed The Big Bird Cage. The full  Q&A was shot by Chocko and can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2 (You can't get better since he was sitting right in front Ms Grier)

Chocko went to several of the screenings which I did not attend and recorded their Q&A's. Here is the one for Greased Lightning which was moderated by John Wildman who is head of PR for the Film Society. John worked with Ms Grier during the Jackie Brown press tour and knows what questions to ask.... Part One is here and Part Two is here

Lastly a few pictures from the Conversation with Pam Grier that was held yesterday at Lincoln Center. No one was allowed to record the talk but photos were allowed.(I was told the talk would be available for viewing soon). To say that the talk was a blast is an understatement. Ms Grier spoke the entire time about auditioning for Fort Apache The Bronx, how she got started, put a horse in a Jag, and Fellini & fried chicken. It was only an hour but she could have gone on, and we in the audience would have listened, for many more. (Apologies if the picture quality isn't great, my camera did not like the lighting in the amphitheater at all which is why there aren't more pictures.)

Waiting for Ms Grier to arrive

Lady takes the stage

Staggering to the Fort Apache audition
Hey it was a long way from the hotel to the theater...

Thanks to Chocko for the video, MrC for reminding me what was mentioned and Mondocurry for not killing me at breakfast so I could make the talk yesterday afternoon. (And thanks to Mondo's I-Pod for one hell of a game of hide and seek)

Reviews will return tomorrow with a look at the Pam Grier Grindhouse Triple Feature that started off the whole series.

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