Thursday, June 4, 2015

An ancedotal review of Animation Ancedotes by Jim Korkis

While we’re on the subject of books I want to take a minute to mention Jim Korkis’ ANIMATION ANCEDOTES. The book is exactly what the title says it is, a collection of anecdotes about animated film from its founding until now. Everything is grouped together by studio (Disney, Lantz, Fleisher, Bakshi) and so on.

The book is a kind of ying and yang reading experience in that what is included are choice tid bits, but at the same time since they are just so brief the book never gets much momentum since it’s a constant state of boom on to the next piece. Don’t get me wrong this is a great book, but at the same I feel a bit deprived because I’m used to Korkis’ books and articles which are longer and meatier. On the other hand the chance to hear these short tales (Tim Burton was to be the designer of the BLACK CAULDRON by Disney got scared, Divine was the inspiration for Ursula in THE LITTLE MERMAID, Jim Backus wanted to make an X-rated Mr Magoo cartoon, Groucho love CRUSADER RABBIT,  Louis Armstrong was to do a voice in COAL BLACK AND DE SEBBEN DWARFS, The Bullwinkle puppet once cooked the NBC peacock) is priceless and odds are without a book like this the stories would have been lost to time.

If you love animation, film or just great stories this book is a must read.

For more information visit the book's page on the Theme Park Press website

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