Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Death in the Tragic Kingdom by Keaton Moll

Keeton Molls‘s DEATH IN THE TRAGIC KINGDOM is a ghoulish and spooky read. A faux walking tour through several of the Disney theme parks the book highlights all of the places that are the locations of unnatural deaths. Be it accidents, misadventure or murder Moll lets us know where all these bad things happened in the happiest place on earth. At the Same time Moll lets us know where all the ghosts are supposed to lurk. From people eternally standing on line, to passengers who disappear once the ride starts to the odd guy who just sits on a bench.

This is a good, if ghoulish read. It’s the sort of thing that you don’t want to read at night. Its not so much the litany of deaths that gets to you rather it’s the description of the ghostly activity that makes you wonder if someone is sitting next to you.

What I like about the book is that unlike other books on similar subjects the book is not filled with untrue or half true stories. Moll says early on that he has thrown out any account that couldn’t have happened (some tales he’s heard are physically impossible) or that he couldn’t some how back up as happening. This insistence on getting the facts straight is a hallmark of Bob McLain’s Theme Park Press and its what sets them above other publishers.

DEATH IN THE TRAGIC KINGDOM is a short fast read and highly recommended.

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