Friday, June 26, 2015

TAKSU (2014) New York Asian Film Festival 2015

Gorgeous looking love it or lump it film is either going to bore you to tears or get your juices flowing.

A young couple in crisis takes a trip to Bali to see the husband's pregnant sister. As he broods about death (there is a mention of a need for a transplant), his wife falls for another man and his sister contemplates the birth of her child...and this member of the audience falls dead asleep

It looks good, But there is a hell of a lot of talk  and by the much touted sex comes(NYAFF says this is the film to see if you want something racy)  I had already tuned out. I kind of lost interest when the ride from the airport seemed to run in real time and the dialog seemed to repeat. Lots of meaningful glances followed.

As for the sex, yes end? For something to be erotic you kind of have to care about the people involved and I just wanted to punch someone in the nose.

Still it looks good, which may account for something to someone.

The film play July 2nd at Lincoln Center.

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