Sunday, July 15, 2018

Crisis Jung (2018) Fantasia 2018

This series of ten seven minute show episodes grows tiring real fast as a loving couple in a pastel world are plunged into a world of hate by Petite Jesus, a video game sort of boss, who tries to keep the couple apart.

Imagine if every fighting anime/manga was mashed together and then given a Jungian overlay (the hero keeps going into therapy to find some hidden strength) and then mixed with lots of animated gore and blood inflicted by men with chainsaw penises, monsters made of anuses and other grotesques. It's amusing for two of the ten or so episodes but then falls apart as you care less and less about the characters and the plot and only hang into see what sick thing is going to show up next.

Well done, occasionally clever, but incredibly one note CRISIS JUNG disappoints and you'll be done way before the series reaches the half way point.

A disappointment at Fantasia

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